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Trichoderma Bio-Fungicide for damping off and root diseases.

Unite is an ACVM registered bio-fungicide, containing a blend of selected NZ grown strains of endophytic Trichoderma in a convenient WP formulation.

Unite’s formulation is designed to establish large numbers of beneficial fungi in and around the rootzone as quickly as possible helping protect crops in as little as 3 days.

It effectively targets major pathogens like Pythium spp, Rhizoctonia, Cylindrcarpon, and Phytophthora.

Suitable for all crops, from nurseries to orchards, Unite strengthens plant defences, leading to healthier roots and vibrant crops. 

Safe guard your crops with Unite bio-fungicide for superior disease control and optimal crop health.

Unite is easily applied via conventional dripper, T-tape and overhead irrigation, hydroponics, or by boom spray.

Glasshouse/indoor Crops

Organic substrate: 500g / 5000m2, apply every 2 weeks
Inorganic substrate: 500g / 1000 litres every 10 – 14 days
Hydroponic / NFT: 500g / 1000 litres every 10 – 14 days

Field Crops: 750g / hectare, apply monthly

Seed Planting / Seedling Trays: 500g / 100 litres

Orchards & Vineyards: 750g / hectare, 3-5 applications commencing at bud burst.

Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents:

What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Unite is a specially formulated bio-fungicide WP registered for the control of multiple fungal pathogens.  Unite contains a carefully selected and exhaustively researched blend of Trichoderma strains which were originally isolated here in New Zealand. As with all Agrimm products Unite contains fresh, highly active strains that are grown here in Lincoln Canterbury.

How does it work?

Unite’s proprietary formulation contains a blend of six selected Trichoderma strains that colonize the root zone and promote root and foliar growth. This leads to healthier plants with stronger root systems, which in turn enhances field establishment.

Unite contains strains of Trichoderma that acts as a biocontrol agent against soil-borne pathogens. This helps reduce losses from replant disease in the orchard and improve seedling survival under pathogen pressure.

The endophytic Trichoderma present in Unite has been shown to improve nutrient uptake in plants. This leads to more efficient use of fertilizers and other nutrients, and ultimately better crop performance.

By improving crop growth, controlling diseases, and enhancing nutrient uptake, Unite helps growers achieve increased marketable yields. This makes it a valuable tool for farmers looking to maximize productivity.

Unite is easy to apply and can be used from the nursery all the way to established trees. It’s an effective and sustainable solution for growers looking to improve crop performance and maximize yields.

Key Features

Active against Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Cylindrocarpon

Stimulates Healthy Root Growth

No Resistance Build Up

Compatible with Most Conventional Chemistry

No MRL’s


In nursery applications, Unite offers several key benefits. By applying Unite into seed trays at planting, it promotes better and more even emergence of seedlings, leading to improved survival rates. This not only enhances the overall health of the nursery stock but also reduces the need for chemical fungicides in the nursery, contributing to a safer environment for staff and end users.

The application of Unite in the nursery helps in reducing the occurrence of diseases. By protecting seedlings from damping off diseases and supporting healthy root and foliar growth, Unite plays a significant role in maintaining the overall plant health and reducing disease-related setbacks.

Unite’s ability to promote root growth is particularly advantageous, as it results in the development of hardier and more stress-tolerant seedlings, which perform better in the retail environment. 

Unite - Nursery

Orchard and Vineyard

Unite is a product that is highly versatile and well suited to use in orchards and vineyards. To achieve success the goal is to establish and maintain a viable and effective population level of trichoderma in and around the target root zone. 

For improved establishment of young vines and trees:

By irrigating Unite in soon after planting you will be establishing a highly active colony of trichoderma directly into to rootzone around the new vine.  

For potted rootstock Unite can be drenched directly into the PB bag prior to planting.  We recommend the addition of Trichopel into the planting hole for Avocado, Kiwifruit, Apple, Citrus and any container grown rootstock. This will provide the best possible start for the young plants.

For the ultimate commercial root dip:
Unite can be used in combination with  Abzorber, an ultra-absorbent polymer granule. This combination creates an easy-to-mix, cost-effective, and user-friendly gel solution.

By combining one 1.5kg pack of Unite with one 1kg pack of Abzorber, you can make 250 litres of highly active and protective water absorbent gel. This gel adheres to bare roots and provides moisture and protection against desiccation exactly where it’s needed for the new plantings.

This modern process using Unite and Abzorber is considered far cleaner and superior to the old technology of using bentonite clay slurries. Along with convenience, the Unite and Abzorber combination offers enhanced efficacy and helps to promote the healthy establishment and growth of young plants.

For the maintenance of established orchards or vineyards:
Unite should be applied 3-4 times per season. Unite can be applied through drippers or fertigation or simply floodjet from the back of a spray rig.  The application should coincide with periods of root flushes, which are the times when the roots of the plants experience rapid growth near the surface, usually around early spring and summer. This ensures new fine root hairs are exposed to a fresh boost of protective endophytes. 

Ornamental Flower Bulbs

Unite has proven to be highly effective in various ornamental flower bulb crops, including Lilies, whether they are grown in greenhouses or in open field.

When planting bulbs in the field, Unite can be applied via boom spray, ensuring thorough coverage and distribution. In covered cropping, such as in greenhouse settings, Unite can be applied through irrigation, allowing the product to reach the root zone effectively.

The use of Unite in bulb crops brings several benefits. Firstly, it helps in reducing the incidence of Phytophthora, a destructive pathogen that can harm bulb plants. Unite also contributes to improved foliage colour, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the flower stems with less yellowing.

Additionally, Unite promotes increased root mass, which is crucial for the health and vigour of bulb plants. This, in turn, leads to improved resistance to various environmental stresses, such as drought or temperature fluctuations.

One notable advantage of using Unite in bulb crops is the improvement in the number of saleable stems. With enhanced root growth and overall plant health, the bulbs produce more robust and desirable stems, increasing their market value and commercial viability.

Overall, the successful use of Unite in ornamental flower bulb crops, such as Lilies, has demonstrated reductions in Phytophthora, improved foliage colour, increased root mass, enhanced resistance to environmental stresses, and an improved yield of saleable stems. These benefits contribute to the overall success and profitability of bulb cultivation.

Image Below: The crop on the right were planted a week after the one on the left – but used Unite at planting.

Trial Results

Efficacy against Pythium spp

In this commercial replicated trial, Unite was applied at 10g/L to seeded trays.

Pythium was then added to the trays and seedling survival was measured compared to untreated control and leading conventional chemistry.

Unite improved seedling survival in a range of horticultural vegetable crops and performed as well as conventional fungicides in enabling seeds to germinate and persist in disease inoculated media.

Seedling survival after Pythium spp. challenge (%)

Improved establishment in areas of replant disease

This trial combined multiple applications of Unite with the Trichopel granule and measured the increase in shoot growth and trunk diameter compared to control.

In this trial, 5g Trichopel was used in each planting hole and Unite was applied at 10g/L/pot.

This is an effective alternative to sterilisation in areas where there have been previous plant losses.

Increase in growth compared to control (%)