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Trichoderma granule for application under root systems.

Trichoderma granule for precision application into the rootzone.

Use when propagating cuttings to improve callusing and rooting.

Use at planting, in-furrow or whenever potting up in the nursery or at home.

Apply a thin layer in the cutting tray to stimulate rooting and improve rate of survival.

Use whenever potting up or planting in the field or garden.

Application rate from 5g-50g depending on size of root ball.

What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Trichopel is a granular formulation containing selected strains of endophytic Trichoderma.

Trichopel provides slow release bio-activity to the rootzone, initiating vigorous root growth and improving field establishment.

Nursery Use:

In the nursery, Trichopel should be used whenever plants are potted up.

A single layer of Trichopel in the cutting tray media helps to stimulate callusing and increase rooting and survival in cutting propagation.

Orchard and Vineyard

Trichopel should be used for all new plantings where possible.  The rate will depend on the size of the rootball and the intention is to create a thin layer of granule underneath the plant.

This may be 5g for a small shrub right up to 50g for a large tree.

Key Features

Greater survival of nursery cuttings.

Improved establishment of new plantings.

Increased root and foliar growth.

Improved resilience in field plantings.

Trial Results

30% increase in shoot length

A fully replicated vine planting trial was established at Muddy Waters vineyard in Waipara, North canterbury. Although the vines were planted in January, a large percentage of vines in the treated group were “quite visibly at or over the first wire”.

After five months, the treated vines showed an increase of 30% over the height of the control.

Vines were treated with only 5-10g of Trichopel in each planting hole.

We recommend Trichopel when replanting individual vines to help with successful re-establishment in a mature vineyard.

Untreated on left. Treated with Trichopel on right – 30% increase in shoot length.

Height (mm) 6 months after treatment

Nursery cuttings

Trichopel was used as an addition to the propagation media.

The media was 60% perlite and 40% peat and Trichopel was incorporated at 1kg:1m3.

For the trial, control trays were compared to some that contained Thiram (fungicide) and also with those that contained Trichopel.

100 replicates of each cutting type were placed in separate trays and grown for four weeks under propagation conditions.  After 4 weeks, the cuttings were removed and the presence of roots and callus, along with any rotting or deaths, was recorded.

The numbers listed below combine both rooted and callused cuttings and compare these between treatments.

Alongside the raw numbers, other crop observations were noted, such as where the Trichopel showed “well branched” roots compared to “thin” or “small”, which was all valuable information for the nursery concerned.

Grevillea Bronze Rambler

Increase in survival of cuttings compared to control (%)