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Trichoderma flake formulation for potting mix media

Trichodry is a flake formulation of endophytic trichoderma designed to inoculate your potting mix or growing media.

Blend 1kg of Trichodry into 1m³ of growing media.
Trichodry should be blended before tray or pot filling and mixed well to ensure uniform dispersion.

What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Trichodry is a flake formulation of our classic blend of endophytic Trichoderma.

It is designed for application to potting mix to inoculate the media ready for use in cell trays or pots. Apply Trichodry to the media up to 6 weeks prior to use.  In fact, earlier can be better as it gives the spores a chance to establish and grow within the media.

We use a flake formulation for easier dispersal of the spores through the media and to ensure the bio-activity is evenly blended to achieve consistent results over time.

Trichodry is available from all good nursery resellers and mainstream horticultural suppliers. If you are buying bulk mixes, ask them to mix it prior to supply.

How does it work?

Media colonised with Trichodry improves the strike rate of cuttings and increases the early root growth of plug grown plants.

The endophytic Trichoderma create effective root connections that will improve the visual health of the foliage and produce more resilient plants.

Key Features

Faster germination and emergence.

Improved seedling vigour and colour.

Better nutrient uptake and more complex root growth.

Organically certified and safe to use.

Trial Results

Trichoderma spore establishment

The point of using Trichodry in the media is to get the beneficial fungi to grow all through the media and protect and stimulate root systems.

We have measured the rate of growth of Trichoderma spores through potting mix many times over the last 15 years – it is not an exact linear curve.

However, you can expect somewhere between 10-50 times more spores in a gram of soil than your initial application after 8 weeks. 1kg Trichodry into 1m3 of media corresponds to 1000 colony forming units per gram of soil.

We have measured up to 80,000 spores per gram of media at times.

Interestingly, when we have tested in the paddock, we found an average of 30,000 spores per gram of soil in a wheat paddock 6 months after planting and this was purely originating from our Platform Seed Treatment.

Trichoderma spore presence (cfu/g Growing media)

Lithadora cuttings

Trichoderma increases callusing and speeds up root formation.

In this trial work, Trichodry was added to the peat-based compost media at 1kg: 1m³.

Each tray contained 104 Lithadora cuttings and there were 6 replicate trays for the control and the Trichodry treated media.

Cutting rooting was recorded after 22 weeks and the trays were assessed individually.

The total number of successful cuttings was 452 out of 624 in the Trichodry treated media and 322 out of 624 in the control.

This corresponded to a statistically significant 40% increase in the Trichodry treated media.

Lithadora cuttings

Pea germination

Overseas work evaluated the benefit of Trichodry on the germination of Peas in media challenged with rhizoctonia or pythium.

In each crop, the trial was set up in a 2×2 factorial design with each treatment consisting of 15 pots of 10 seeds each.

The germination of the seeds was assessed at 7 and 14 days.

The addition of Trichodry into the media significantly increased the number of seeds that germinated in the presence of both pythium or rhizoctonia in the media.

Pea germination with pathogen challenge (%)