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Platform Seed Increases Pea Yields

Our on-farm pea trials with Wattie’s have been encouraging, with increased garden pea yields sitting at over 15% using Platform Seed alone or in conjunction with the existing Wakil fungicide seed treatment.

We had the opportunity to set up replicated plot trials in the Iversen Research Block at Lincoln University. At this point we were able to test our existing Platform Seed product both with and without and against another blend of Trichoderma strains that was offered by the university.

The seed was planted on Sept 21st and apart from a herbicide programme where possible and irrigation, no foliar applications were made to the crop.

Over 3 days in December, a sqm sample was taken from the replicates, bundled and taken to the Wattie’s facility in Hornby to extract yield and maturity measurements. Each time, two of the six replicates were taken from the site allowing fair comparison.

The remainder of the trial was left to run through to seed pea production, and in early January, NZ Arable came and harvested the remainder of the 10m plots.

Over the course of the trial Wadia Kandula monitored plot health.

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% increase over bare seed control

The assumption was that these beds would have pressure from a pathogen Aphanomyces euteiches. It is possible that this contributed to the bare seed plots establishing fewer plants per square metre than all the treatments.

In garden pea sampling, Platform Seed yielded almost 30% more than bare seed and 25% more than the standard fungicide treatment.

When it came to seed production. Platform Seed alone was equivalent  to the fungicide and 20% better than bare seed.

However, when the fungicide and the Platform were applied together, a further 10% of seed was yielded and this equated to almost 35% more than the bare seed.

This trial was subsequently written up and presented at the New Zealand Plant Protection Society 2023 conference in Rotorua.

Click here to view the presentation.

Agrimm are excited to be a part of the “a lighter touch” programme run by Hort NZ. The focus of this, is to help the NZ food sector transition from agrichemical crop management to agroecological crop protection.

To view a pdf of the “A Lighter Touch – Pea and Bean Biological Fungicides” presented by Nigel Rowe-Lucas of Wattie’s at the Hort NZ in August 2023, click here