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Platform Seed Increases Dwarf Bean Yields

In the last 4 years, Agrimm have been working with Wattie’s to evaluate the effect of Platform Seed on yields in a range of processed vegetable crops.

The seed for dwarf bean crops arrives into New Zealand already coated with fungicide and insecticides, so for the purpose of these trials, the seed was commercially coated with Platform Seed over the top of the existing chemistry.

The trial areas were up to 2ha in each paddock and subsequently grown and harvested in the same manner as the grower standard practice.

Establishment and qualitative yield assessments were made at intervals during the season and at final harvest in the Wattie’s plant.

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Increase over Growers Standard

Dwarf Bean

Agrimm are part of the “A Lighter Touch” programme to evaluate biological options for the processed vegetable industry.

The focus of this work in the 2022-2023 season was sclerotinia and Sentinel was used as a foliar spray through flowering.

Sentinel performed well in these trials, with the best yield outcome and a great reduction in disease expression.

For the results of this work featured in “A Lighter Touch – Pea and Bean Biological Fungicides” presentation in August 2023, click here