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Bio-fungicide granule for Onion White Rot.

Tenet is a Bio-fungicide granule for all Onion and Allium family crops.

Tenet is ACVM Registered for Onion White Rot and Fusarium basal rot in onions. 

Utilises the well proven strain LU132 for maximum disease control.

Has been used with great success in Spring onions and Daffodils and with only one treatment at planting.

Tenet granules should be applied at sowing into the planting furrow using a Gandy box attached to the seed drill. Ensure the granules are applied at the same depth as the seed and well covered to avoid bird strike.

Apply at 25-50kg per ha depending on the infection levels in the area to be planted. Apply at the higher rates to soils with low organic matter.

Tenet is compatible with chemical fungicides used on onion crops.

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What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Tenet is a bio-fungicide granule to mitigate against Onion White Rot developed in partnership with Lincoln University.

Tenet utilises an internationally recognised strain (LU132) of endophytic Trichoderma. This strain of Trichoderma atroviride was isolated from a Pukekohe onion paddock in the 1980s and is active against a wide range of fungal pathogens.

This granular formulation proved the most effective application method through extensive testing in Australia and New Zealand and led Tenet to become the first registered biocontrol agent for onion white rot in New Zealand.

How does it work?

Tenet is best used as part of an integrated approach dependent on the likely infection levels in the paddock.

Tenet is applied with the seed at planting. As the seed germinates, the Trichoderma aggressively colnises the root zone, protecting the plant’s roots from fungal pathogens including Sclerotium cepivorum and Fusarium oxysporum.

By reducing the effect of disease, the Trichoderma also helps to improve germination and establishment.

Key Features

Registered for Onion White Rot and Fusarium

Compatible with conventional growing practices

Increased yields in allium crops

BioGro certified

Trial Results

Onion White Rot Control

Field trials were carried out over several years around New Zealand using Tenet with a variety of conventional and biological management approaches.

Brown = Canterbury
The control was a Captan seedcoat, and this was compared to the addition of 4 foliar fungicides to replicate conventional management.

The biological approach used Tenet at planting and 4 Trichoderma foliar sprays, and this performed as well as the best chemical approach.

Blue = Karaka
The seed coat had evolved to carbendazim and sumisclex.

The addition of Tenet at planting reduced the percentage of bulbs affected with OWR from 11.4% down to 3.7%.

Tenet increased marketable yield and revenue by 4 tonnes and $2000 respectively.

Onion white rot incidence %

Tenet Chart

Field Trials conducted on commercial spring onions

For this trial, we used 50kg of Tenet at planting and this treatment was compared to 3 applications of Sumisclex at recommended label rates through the crop growing cycle.

The Tenet area had no chemical fungicides applied.

Samples were taken from randomly assigned metre quadrants through the treated areas.

Measurements taken related to both yield and disease.

Number of bunches, number of spring onions and bunch length as well as a % infected with Onion White Rot.

Application of tenet significantly increased all parameters measured compared with the conventional foliar sprays.

% increase over control (Seed treatment + 3 applications of Sumisclex)

Tenet Chart

Improved Establishment

Tenet trials have repeatedly demonstrated improved seedling establishment.

Optimum early plant growth affords the opportunity for increased yields of up to 10% with Tenet.

These trials reflect that by adding Tenet to the planting protocol, an increase in plant establishment lead to a strong increase in yields.

Current work focuses on improving the standard seed treatment.

Multiple industry trials have shown that seed treated with Agrimm approved have the best rates of germination.

% increase over control (Conventional seed coat)

Tenet Chart