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Alistair Pullin

Alistair has spent almost 25 years working in small businesses.

Multi-tasking is at the heart to that experience. He loves talking through a problem and helping to find solutions and this fits in with Agrimm’s experience of being “big enough to be commercial but small enough to be innovative”

Outside of work, Al likes to keep moving – having spent the last 8 winters coaching kids football, he enjoys cycling, running, snowboarding and chasing any type of ball around any type of court or pitch.

Alistair Pullin

Sales & Distribution

Dylan has been with Agrimm for 13 years, Leading operations and overseeing everything from product design and testing to process development and distribution and pretty much everything in between.  

For a over a decade, I’ve been hands-on in product development, creation and manufacture. As we cultivate all our Trichoderma strains onsite it puts us in a unique spot to be able to quickly design test and refine solutions to new challenges that arise for growers. I strive to find practical innovations in the bio-control space to build the bottom line for producers. 

Beyond work, I juggle family, a love for running, skiing, sailing and  I love anything kids sport, oval ball or round. 

Dylan Coleman

Production Manager

Dylan Coleman