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Endophytic Trichoderma Seed Dressing.

  • TrichoStart (T-Start) is dry seed inoculant, designed to be mixed on farm.
  • Incorporate when mixing seed or in the hopper at planting.
  • T-Start improves establishment and early growth.

T-Start is a fine powder for mixing with seed.
Uses the best strains of endophytic Trichoderma to improve performance.
Guaranteed active ingredient for reliable results.
T-Start is supplied in 5kg bags that can treat 25-40 hectares of agricultural land.

T-Start should be mixed at the recommended rates.

Dry Seed inoculation
1-5g/kg of seed – Target rate 200g/ha.
Ryegrass / Clover: 5g/kg
Cereals 2g/kg
Peas 1g/kg

Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents:

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What is it and how does it work?

T-Start is the leading choice for dry seed treatment of cereal and pasture crops in New Zealand. It’s highly versatile, cost-effective, and developed in collaboration with broad acre crop growers for on-farm application.

The fine particles in T-Start adhere to seeds via static charge and utilizes humidity activated binders to set the Trichoderma spores to the seed. The formulation is engineered to ensure optimal seed flow and spore attachment even in harsh conditions.

T-Start will enhance establishment and maximize yield. It promotes uniform crop growth, accelerates root development, and stimulates foliar growth for increased productivity.

T-Start incorporates carefully selected endophytic Trichoderma strains, triggering a systemic response that can boost crop resilience to pests, diseases and water stress.

T-Start is the ultimate solution for dry seed treatment – proven efficacy, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Key Features

Superior Establishment and Persistence

Increased Root and Foliar Growth

Improved Crop Quality

Higher Yields and Greater Profitability