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Platform Seed

Platform Seed

Endophytic Trichoderma seed treatment.

Platform Seed is a Biological Seed treatment.

  • Uses Endophytic Trichoderma to improve emergence, establishment, and yields.
  • Applied by commercial seed coating equipment.
  • Compatible with widely used Insecticides and Fungicides.
  • BioGro certified and easy to use
  • Convenient Easy Mix WP Formulation in a Resealable 1kg Pottle. 

Platform Seed should be mixed with water at the recommended rate.

Always pre-mix Platform Seed prior to incorporation with other chemical products. Platform Seed can be used with or without polymer or colouring.

Peas – 200-300g/tonne
Cereals – 250-400g/tonne
Beans – 400-600g/tonne
Pasture 1-2g/kg
Maize 1g/kg
Forage Brassica 4-5g/kg

Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents:

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What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Platform seed is the go to product if you are looking to add a high potency trichoderma inoculant into your seed coating protocol. 

The product itself is an easy mix wettable powder designed to be incorporated into industry standard seed coating systems, whether by itself or blended with other treatments and polymers.

Platform seed is fortified with a range of specific nutrients that bind to the seed surface and accelerate mycelial growth from the seed after planting. 

How does it work?

After drilling, Platform Seed’s spores germinate and grow on the seed surface ready to establish a symbiotic relationship with the developing roots.

As the seed germinates, the trichoderma’s mycelia bind to the emerging root, forming a strong endophytic bond. This bond ensures long-lasting protection and support for the growing plant, promoting robust growth and improving foliar vigour.

Platform Seed can be applied and is compatible with most common fungicide and polymer treatments. 

Platform Seed is the future of biological seed treatment.  

Key Features

In our trial work, we have measured:

Superior Establishment and Persistence

Increased Root and Foliar Growth

Improved Crop Quality

Higher Yields and Greater Profitability

Trial Results

Platform Seed Broad Acre Trials

In commercial seed coating trials, Platform Seed consistently proves its effectiveness.

It can be applied separately over fungicide-treated imported seed or mixed with a grower standard fungicide in a single step.

Results have shown significant yield benefits, validated by independent assessments and commercial harvesting data.

Farmers enjoy substantial returns on investment, ranging from 10 to 100 times the initial outlay.

Enhance your crop yields and secure a substantial return on investment with Platform Seed.

% increase in yield over growers standard

Promote Better Establishment

In various crops, Platform Seed has shown its ability to increase the number of established plants.

This has been validated, whether Platform Seed has been applied alongside an insecticide, fungicide, or a combination of both.

Fast and uniform seed germination is highly valued by growers, as it contributes to effective crop management throughout the season.

By choosing Platform Seed, you can optimize germination and set a solid foundation for successful crop growth.

13% increase compared to growers standard.

% increase in establishment over growers standard

Improved Crop Quality

Planted in November 2020, this Platform Seed treated Kale crop produced impressive results. By applying Platform Seed at a rate of 5g/kg of seed, in combination with a standard insecticide and a commercial water rate of approximately 20ml per kg of seed, farmers have witnessed significant outcomes. Here are the key data points:

  • Establishment counts exceeded the grower standard practice by 10%
  • Dry matter percentage was 13% higher compared to the grower standard practice
  • Yield of 18,792kg DM per hectare achieved
  • Provides a return on investment of around 80 times the initial outlay

Unlock the true potential of your crops by choosing Platform Seed. 

Platform Seed increased kale yield by 16% compared to the growers standard.

% Increase over growers standard