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Platform Field

Platform Field

Endophytic Trichoderma WP for broad acre crops.

Platform Field is a Trichoderma spray/drench for broad acre crops.

Apply in-furrow or post-emergence into the rootzone.

Utilising Endophytic Trichoderma to support early growth.

Compatible with insecticides and fungicides.

In-furrow Application 250-400g / ha

Fertigation / Boom 200–300g / ha

Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents:

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What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Platform Field is a WP formulation for application to all field grown crops. It can be used as a liquid injection at planting and on young, established crops.

Platform Field is readily soluble and easy to use. It is formulated with a range of nutrients and starters designed to help the Trichoderma thrive in and around the rootzone.

Platform Field can be used on its own, but is also compatible with widely used fungicides, insecticides, and nutritional products.

How does it work?

Application of Platform promotes a more biologically active rootzone.

When used as a liquid injection, the germinating seed will make early root connections with the Trichoderma and enables colonisation of the plant at the most crucial time of the plants development.

The endophytic activity of Trichoderma in platform field switches on the plant’s defence system. This systemic response produces plants with a greater resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and improves whole plant performance.

Applied over an established crop, Platform Field stimulates root growth and boosts the bio-activity in and around the developing plant to help promote vigour and resilience.

Key Features

In our trial work, we have measured:

Superior Establishment and Persistence

Increased Root and Foliar Growth

Improved Crop Quality

Higher Yields and Greater Profitability

Trial Results

Fodder Beet trials

Multiple Fodder Beet were carried out on this Canterbury Farm over  two-years.

Platform Field was applied at 200g/ha as a liquid injection at planting.

Over the 6 trials and with independent assessments of bulb and leaf, the dry matter per hectare was increased by 789kg dry matter per ha on average.

In this specific paddock, the crop was drilled on 3rd November and the initial establishment counts were made on the 11th December. Both areas of the paddock were managed identically through the season and the crop assessments were made by Canterbury Feed Assessments in June of the following year.

Crop establishment increased by 19%.

Dry Matter % of the bulb at harvest increased by 25% and

Bulb Yield per hectare was increased by 32%.

Platform Field - Fodder Beet

% increase over growers standard

Cereal Trial

In a Spring planted Barley trial in Irwell to test seed treatments, we also used Platform Field in conjunction with our Platform Seed.

Platform Seed was applied at the standard 250g/tonne.

Platform Field was applied to certain randomised plots within the trial design. It was sprayed at 200g/ha and an equivalent water rate of 300L/ha.

Platform Seed increased yield by 360kg/ha on average.

The additional application of Platform Field raised the total by an addition 370kg per ha.

At $500 per tonne of grain this time, this produced an extra $185 on a $16 input.

The Seed and Field in combination produced $365 on a $26 input cost.

Platform Field Cereal Trial

Spring Barley Yield - T/ha (tonnes per hectare)

Cereal Trial

Having shown that Platform Field increased yields of Spring barley coated with platform Seed, we wanted to see if we could achieve a similar result with other standard seed coatings.

We drilled randomised replicated plots with bare seed, Kinto Duo (as a standard fungicide), Platform Seed and a combination of Platform and Kinto. We drilled both wheat and barley in this way.

Alongside this, we drilled similar plots to which we applied Platform Field at a rate of 200g/ha and a water rate of 300L per hectare. We grew all the plots in the same way, with a standard spray programme and harvested all plots on the same day.

Consistently, the Platform Field added around 500kg per ha – this was on the bare seed, the Kinto Duo and the combination of Platform and Kinto Duo.

Platform Field

Spring Barley Yield - T/ha (tonnes per hectare)