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Orchard and Vineyard

Progressive growers today can pick and choose the best ideas to fit their management practice.

Starting from new planting and running right through to commercial crop protection, biologicals can have a key role in the orchard or vineyard.

New Plantings

The cost of the plants might only be a fraction of the cost of the groundwork for setting up a new orchard, but the successful establishment of the new plants is critically important.

Whether the planting is on a new site, or if it is to replant areas of previous disease pressure.

Minimising plant losses and maximising first year establishment and growth is where Endophytic Trichoderma should be utilised.

Agrimm have three great options to assist with establishment of new vines and trees.

Insoluble Trichoderma granule for putting in the planting hole. 5-25g per plant will increase first year trunk diameter and shoot growth in newly planted vines and trees.

Easy to mix root dip for all new bare rooted vines and trees. Abzorber helps prevent desiccation in young vine roots prior to and at planting. Use with Unite for best practice vine planting.

WP bio-fungicide with activity against Phytophthora. Unite is suitable for all new plantings, container or bare rooted. Use with Trichopel or Abzorber to improve establishment of young plants.

Canopy Management

Competitive exclusion or systemic resistance?

Although Trichoderma is usually taken up through plant roots, it’s very possible to get a positive response by using Agrimm products in the canopy.

Trichoderma establishes around flower debris and bunch trash to act as a preventative agent to fruit rots such as botrytis. Trichoderma also colonises wound sites and dowel can be inserted into the vascular system to help a plant produce a response to pathogen threats.

Silverleaf, Eutypa lata, Botryosphaeria can all be treated by Vinevax products and Sentinel is registered for Botrytis in grapes and tomatoes.

Wound dressing for annual cuts in vine and tree crops. Registered for Silverleaf in Pip and Stonefruit and Eutypa Lata and Botryosphaeria in grapevines, Vinevax protects a cut wound from the ingress of airborne pathogen spores.

Sentinel is a botryticide that woks by colonising the devloping bunches and excluding the pathogen, botrytis cinerea, from gaining a foothold. Use from flowering or through veraison to protect ripening fruit.

Trichoderma inoculated dowel that is inserted into the vascular system of vines and trees to protect against woody pathogens. The dowel should be used when re-working vines to ensure the new trunk remains disease free.

Root Health

From planting and right through a tree’s life, the use of root drenches is a great way to maintain vigour in the canopy and ensure the plant can cope with the environmental and pathogen stresses that may present.

We recommend applying our products right through the season, targeting periods of root flushes for best colonisation of young roots by our endophytic Trichoderma.

A full programme commences in early Spring and may finish after harvest.

Regular application through the season helps maintain a healthy effective root system and reduces the stress on the plants as the crop ripens in the canopy.

Active against Phytophthora and other soil borne pathogens, Unite is suitable for all vine and tree crops, particularly avocado, citrus, kiwifruit and viticulture. Apply 3-4 times per season.

Kiwivax is a WP root drench that has been shown to stimulate a response to, and reduce the symptoms of, Psa in kiwifruit.  Use a water rate of 1000L+ and as stipulated in the Zespri CPS.

Registered for armillaria in kiwifruit, Vinevax Bio-injection mitigates the spread of the disease in the orchard. Inject vines around areas of disease  and seal with a Vinevax Bio-Dowel.

Optimise crop performance by using a range of Agrimm products through the life of the crop

Seed Treatment - Promote Early Roots

Stimulate Root and Foliar Growth

Fire up young vines and speed up productivity by using with all new plantings.

Seed Treatment - Improve Nutrient Uptake

Improve nutrient uptake

Grow a stronger root system and unlock essential elemental nutrients by making them, plant available.

Seed Treatment - Improve Nutrient Uptake

Reduce disease in root and canopy

Trichoderma has wide ranging activity against a range of fungal pathogens. A coordinated approach helps produce a resilient plant.