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Trichoderma offers both growth promotion and disease reduction with the same application.

Endophytic trichoderma form close relationships with growing roots, conferring plant benefits for a lifetime.

The best time to create those bonds is with developing roots which is why we feel so strongly that early application is so important.


We recommend using Trichoderma in the nursery and this can be when growing from seed or propagating from cuttings.

By stimulating a strong root system, the Agrimm nursery program will ensure you grow resilient plants that are best equipped to thrive under commercial field conditions.

Agrimm’s nursery programme utilises our best endophytic strains to induce a range of plant responses:

These strains colonise the seedling’s roots:

  • priming the plant’s defence mechanism and
  • increasing the plant’s photosynthetic performance.

Mix Trichodry into the media at 1kg: 1m3. By mixing this early, we can inoculate a large amount of media with plant supporting beneficial fungi. 

Use Trichopel whenever potting up. Sprinkle of granule underneath the  roots to stimulate greater root growth and fill the pot with healthy viable roots.

Sentinel is registered bio-fungicide. Spray Sentinel at 5g/10L to maintain canopy health and reduce any botrytis that can affect young plants.

Unite is a bio-fungicide with proven activity against Pythium and Rhizoctonia.

Unite is the partner product for all good nurseries. Start with Trichodry in the media and then use Unite at seeding to boost the bio-activity around the germinating seed. 

By adding Unite, you can ensure an even response in your trays.

Mix at 10g/L and apply at seeding for best results. It can be used as a preventative measure when plants come under stress. 

Unite helps to support root and foliar health and create resilient plugs for field planting.

Responding to industry needs.

Agrimm have developed a partner product to Unite, an improved formulation for automated application in the nursery. Plantmate Greenhouse uses identical Trichoderma strains with 5x stronger activity than Unite and this means that it can be applied in more concentrated doses through the spray bar in a commercial nursery environment.

Mix at 2g/L and apply through spray bars at seeding.

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