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Trichoderma Root Drench for Psa in Kiwifruit.

Kiwivax is ACVM registered with a limited label claim for the control of PSA in kiwifruit. Kiwivax is a BioGro certified Root Drench for application to all life stages of the Kiwifruit vine.

Developed in partnership with the Bio-Protection centre at Lincoln University, Kiwivax is a wettable powder for use in the nursery and the open orchard.

The trichoderma in Kiwivax have been shown to be endophytic, entering the roots of the plant and switching on plant defence mechanisms.

The trichoderma also release phytohormones and enzymes which stimulate root growth. In the nursery this helps to produce a stronger, healthier root system resulting in Increased nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and vigour.

In the open orchard, these protected roots enable the vine to withstand increased environmental and disease stresses.

Orchard and Nursery Application Rates:
In young nursery plants, there is a smaller root system and Kiwivax will treat more plants effectively.

Application into PB Bags: 200g will treat 7500 plants with 250ml

Pre-planting Dip: 200g will treat 2000 plants with 500ml

Established Orchard: Ensure all mixing tanks are thoroughly washed to remove chemical residues. Apply at the minimum rate of 200g/ha using a water rate of at least 1000L. Pre-mix Kiwivax into a small quantity of water and then mix well into a larger tank. Ensure dispensing tank is agitated continuously during application. Apply by flood jet, weed spray boom, fertigation or air blast spray directed to rootzone.

Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents:

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What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Kiwivax is a Trichoderma root drench shown to assist in the control of Psa in kiwifruit.
Developed in collaboration with the Bio-Protection Centre at Lincoln University, it is designed for regular use in nurseries and open Kiwifruit orchards to assist in the control of PSA.
Kiwivax incorporates three proprietary strains of Trichoderma, which were identified and isolated by Dr Robert Hill of the BPRC. These strains have been found to be endophytic, meaning they enter the plant’s roots and penetrate a few layers of cells, activating the plant’s defence mechanisms.


How does it work?

The Trichoderma in Kiwivax release enzymes and hormones that stimulate root growth. In nurseries, this promotes the development of stronger and healthier root systems, leading to increased nutrient uptake, photosynthesis, and overall vigour of the plants.
In open orchards, the enhanced root systems enable the vines to better withstand environmental and disease-related stresses.

Apply Kiwivax directly to the rootzone during periods of root flushes.

Use sufficient water rate, or apply before, during or after rain events, to ensure the active ingredient is washed into the root zone.

Key Features

Reduction of disease symptoms.

Increased vine survival in Psa challenge trials

Larger, healthier root systems.

Improved vigour and nutrient uptake.

Trial Results

Psa Trial Results

Kiwivax research was carried out in a controlled environment, in the Biotron at Lincoln University, as a way to study a pathogen that was not present in the South Island.

Kiwifruit seedlings of both G3 and Hayward varieties were grown in pots and a suspension of Kiwivax in water was applied to the soil around each plant.

Once the plants were grown up to 2-3 months, they were infected by inoculation directly into their stem and disease progression was assessed every 7 days over 4–6-weeks.

Disease was graded from leaf spot, through to petiole blackening ooze or tip dieback and scaled between 0 and 6 where 6 was death.

Disease score and % Survival at 4 weeks