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Starch based super absorbent polymer granule.

  • Super absorbent root dip gel for reducing water stress on new plantings.
  • Treat up to 8000 bare rooted grape vines with one 1kg pack of Abzorber dry granule.
  • Clean and simple to make up and use.
  • Perfect companion product in combination with Unite.

Makes approximately 250L gel suitable for 6000-8000 Bare rooted grape vines.

Mix a 1kg pack of Abzorber with 240L of water using a mechanical stirrer.

Mix then let stand for 5 to 10 mins to allow the granule to fully hydrate then mix again.

When combining with Unite, the ratio is 1:1.5 Abzorber to Unite. Or 1 pack of each.


Mix the Unite in a separate bucket of 10L water and stir well until homogeneous.

Add the Unite solution to the hydrated Abzorber and mix until consistent.

Important: Only add the Unite solution AFTER the Abzorber is fully hydrated

Dip the bundles and they are ready for planting.

Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents:

What is it AND How does it work?

What is it?

Abzorber is a root-dip product, designed to prevent desiccation and improve establishment of all bare-rooted vines and trees.
It is a starch based super absorbent polymer granule that is able to absorb up to 400 times its weight in water. When mixed with water, it forms a thick clear gel that coats dipped vine roots to prevent desiccation during transport or the planting process.
This protective layer of moisture rich gel will persist in the rootzone for up to a year where it will absorb and release water depending on the roots demands, before it breaks down into simple carbohydrates.

How does it work?

Abzorber combined with Unite is the gold standard program for reducing stress in all bare rooted vine plantings. These two products complement each other perfectly by surrounding the new rootzone with a protective population of well hydrated Trichoderma which will create a “living barrier” around establishing roots.

This is especially important when replanting into areas where vines have previously died or have shown low vigour. The protection provided by Unite with the water stress relief provided by Abzorber make this program the only way to go for protecting and giving the best start to valuable vines.

  • Abzorber and Unite is quick and easy to mix and use.
  • 1kg Abzorber and 1.5kg Unite will make 250L of active root dip.
  • 250L or root dip will treat between 7,000 and 10,000 vines at planting.

Key Features

Reduces transplant stress.

Prevents desiccation of bare rooted vines.

Improves establishment and early growth.

Hydrates and releases for up to a year.