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Vinevax Wound Dressing

Vinevax Wound Dressing

Trichoderma Wound Protection for vines and trees.

Vinevax is a registered pruning wound dressing using Trichoderma spores to colonise and protect pruning wounds from airborne pathogens such  as Eutypa lata, botryosphaeria spp, Silverleaf and Petri disease.

Vinevax provides long-lasting benefits

  • Fast-acting wound dressing
  • Closes pruning wounds to invasion.
  • Acts as a living guard even after 12 months
  • Protective zone builds over multiple seasons in the vine tissue
  • Effective, convenient and safe spray formula for all pruning wounds

Annual cane and spur pruning
Wound size up to 20mm. Spray Vinevax PWD at 10g per litre at the end of the day or 5 – 15 hours after pruning. 

Major reconstruction
Wound size 20 – 50mm. Brush on Vinevax PWD at 100g / litre at the end of the day or 5 – 15 hours after pruning.

Vinevax PWD can be applied by standard or recirculating spray equipment. 

In damp conditions always apply Vinevax PWD immediately after cutting.

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What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Vinevax Pruning Wound Dressing is a highly active Trichoderma based WP that can either be made into a pruning gel or diluted to a spray for the control of Eutypa and botryosphaeria in vineyards. The product is heavily colored for easy identification of sprayed areas.

How does it work?

After Vinevax PWD is applied the active spore solution will settle on the open wound and colonise quickly, growing down into the cut tissue by up to 15mm and providing a living seal against the typical trunk disease pathogens.

This, coupled with the Trichoderma stimulating the vines own defence response, helps improve overall vine health. Overspray onto the ground will only benefit the vineyard by increasing the beneficial fungi levels and potentially reducing pathogen load in the surrounding soils and stimulating root development.

Key Features

Fast Acting colonisation of annual wounds

Effective Against Eutypa & Botryosphaeria

Long lasting protection of woody tissue

Protective Zone Builds Over Multiple Seasons

Trial Results

Penetration into woody tissue

Vinevax Pruning Wound Dressing can be used as a paint or a spray.  Mixed at 100g/L for use as a paint to large cuts, or mixed at 100g/10L to be used as a backpack spray.

Vinevax is most effective when applied on the same day as pruning, although this can be towards the end of the day.

Here we can see that the Trichoderma spores are able to colonise deep within the woody tissue. Vinevax was applied to wounds of horizontally trained vines and after 5 and 10 days a 20cm length of vine was taken. 2cm discs were cut and surface sterilised and these discs were placed on agar plates allowing fungi to grow out from control and treated wood segments.

The order and thus distance from the original was measured.

Penetration into woody tissue

Time After Treatment (Days)

Vinevax Wound Dressing - Time After Treatment

Rapid Control

This trial was performed by UC Davis at a  Mondavi Vineyard in California.

Pruning wounds were either untreated or treated with Vinevax Pruning Wound Dressing.

Subsequently, these wounds were inoculated with 1000 Eutypa lata spores 1, 6 and 11 days after treatment.

Wound tissue was sampled and cultured for presence or absence of Eutypa Lata spores.

This rate of 1000 spores per wound is considered to be artificially high and 10-100 times higher than under natural vineyard conditions.

Eutypa Challenge on Grapevine Wounds
% Eutypa Infected

Vinevax Wound Dressing - % Eutypa infected

Long Lasting Control

This trial was carried out at the university of Stellenbosch and represents the combined results from four trial vineyards.

The wounds were treated directly after pruning and samples were isolated 8 months later.

Eight 1x1mm pieces of wood were cut from each of the treated pruning wounds to evaluate.

Trichoderma spores persisted in the woody tissue. Vinevax strains were re-isolated from over 65% of treated samples after 8 months. There was very little background levels found in the control samples.

Up to 20% of untreated wood contained pathogens such as Eutypa and Botryosphaeria.

There were no pathogens found in the Vinevax treated Cabernet Sauvignon samples.

This showed that Vinevax offered long term protection against natural infection over the subsequent 8 months.

Fungi recovered 8 months post-treatment (%)

Vinevax Wound Dressing - Trichoderma Recovery