Agrimm Technologies Ltd


Agrimm Technologies Ltd is the leading New Zealand manufacturer of Trichoderma crop protection products.

Independently owned and operating out of their own purpose built premises on the outskirts of Christchurch, Agrimm is a trusted name in the sector.

Biogro certified and ACVM registered, Agrimm provides crop solutions that are both sustainable and effective, helping to grow resilient crops that are better able to withstand today’s environmental challenges.

Over 30 years experience
Independent and NZ owned and operated
Integrated and Sustainable Crop Protection
Organically certified and conventionally evaluated
Research Driven

Agrimm has a long standing partnership with Bioprotection Aotearoa, along with 30 years of academic evaluation from California, South Africa and Australia.

Environmentally Friendly

Trichoderma is a naturally occurring fungi and application will increase the microbial activity in the soil. It is exempt from mrls and safe to use right up to harvest.

Practical and Effective

Trichoderma helps to grow more resilient crops, better able to overcome environmental challenges and increasing profitability to the grower.

Agrimm Technologies represent the Plant Health Care range in Australia and New Zealand.

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Agr-imm (Agricultural Immunology)

Agr-imm (Agricultural Immunology) grows strains of a soil-borne fungus called Trichoderma and manufactures a range of granules and powders. All our strains are symbiotic root endophytes and confer multiple benefits on plant performance.


Trichoderma are filamentous fungi that reproduce rapidly in soil or media, creating a mycelial web that interacts closely with growing root structures. Integrating our beneficial fungi into organic or conventional crop management is the best way to achieve repeatable results.

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